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Sunday, March 16, 2014

State Of City Address


Anonymous said...

so, we have 3 more alpacas and 11 restaurants. Whoopty do.

Anonymous said...

It's the Joy Boyz.

Anonymous said...

Just listening to the first few minutes, I was dizzy watching both Mutt and Jeff rock back and forth - they look like two nervous nellies, especially Jake Day.
I am not really sure how they can say Saisbury is a great city to live in I have noticed nothing but homeless people everyone, especially the Giant Grocery store area. Even in the lines at Giant - seems like the majority that are shopping now are using their orange EBT card, one in particular when I was there yesterday with a basketful of grocers while I stand there with my $20.00 ordering struggling to pay cash. Jake Day is so hyper and drives me crazy when he is "preaching" - he needs a chill pill!

Anonymous said...

The no-tie twins, taking their fashion cues from Mike Dunn, who never wore a tie.

What they have to say is fluff.