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Sunday, March 16, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Crimea votes to secede from Ukraine, official says

With more than half of the ballots counted, election official says 95 percent of Crimean voters approve reuniting with Russia in referendum denounced by the United States and the Ukrainian government.

From Fox News


Anonymous said...

Well, that seals it! no need for our "intervention", and it's all settled.

Anonymous said...

So, fine, let it be. The vote is the bag, real ballots, not "electronic" bs. God can handle the rest. We can stay home.

Anonymous said...

Aw poor Obammie! Crimea river!

Anonymous said...

We need to leave it alone. They voted. We may not be a democracy anymore but they are.

Anonymous said...

They voted, the Nazies lost the Commies won. And we want to get in the middle of that WHY? My guess would be that WWIII will take the minds of the sheeple off of their economic misery when the stock market crashes and causes closing of all the banks and declaring of Marshall law. Problem is after this war the people that are left will be fighting the next one with sticks and stones.