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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Equal Rights vs. Special Privileges

One of the major evils of the welfare state in libertarian eyes is that it destroys the concept of objective law (i.e., equal rights under the law) throughout society. This is because the welfare state is based upon the violation of individual rights in order to convey privileges to special interest groups. All primary policies of state welfarism entail such a violation and conveyance. This is why justice can never be achieved under a welfare state philosophy, liberal or conservative. 

Government's job is to protect rights, not violate them. Its laws must be applied equally, which means no privileges. Yet we are taught today that government conveyance of privileges to special interest groups will bring us a just society. It is even taught that our concern with "special interest groups" is the American Way – this in face of the fact that the Founders' repeatedly warned against the creation of "political factions."


Anonymous said...

Uh... affirmative action, black student unions, shore up, naacp, congressional black caucus...

Who is privileged?

Anonymous said...

Exactly JOBS not welfare breeds sucess...and stop the payments to the endless career single mothers ..these benifits foster the birth of more burdens on society..shame should be the model..worked before..