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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Catholic Group Sues HHS over ACA

A group of nearly 200 Catholic employers filed a new lawsuit in Oklahoma against the federal government Wednesday, hoping to stop parts of the federal health care law that force them to provide insurance that covers contraceptives.

The recently formed Catholic Benefits Association, which includes archdioceses, an insurance company and a nursing home, takes issue with a compromise in the Affordable Health Care Act offered by the Obama administration that attempted to create a buffer for religiously affiliated hospitals, universities and social service groups that oppose birth control. The law requires insurers or the health plan's outside administrator to pay for birth control coverage and creates a way to reimburse them.

Baltimore Archbishop William Lori is chairman of the association's board of directors.


Anonymous said...

And don't forget that Obamacare exempts Muslims because the law violates their religious beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is so excited about the new pope and all the changes he is bringing. Smoke and mirrors to get rid of the sex scandals???