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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Trooper 3 Pilot Says His Faith Has Seen Him Through

Being a Maryland State Police Trooper 3 pilot strengthens Russ Zullick's Christian faith every day.

"Going to help, it's kind of what Christianity is supposed to be about," said Zullick, 53. "You know that a fellow human being is in trouble, and you're here to help."

The Arendtsville, Pa., resident has been a state police pilot since 2007 after having spent about 25 years in the military, mostly stationed in Alaska. He said he has been flying helicopters since 1979.


Anonymous said...

This MD state trooper is smart enough to live in another state!

Obama hates our GOD b/c he loves hi Allah said...

Good to hear of his faith...I hope the MSP head do not try to jam him up now...

Anonymous said...

He is not a Trooper otherwise he would have to live in MD. Civilian employees can live where ever. One exception Colonel Brown lives in PA, he has a row house in Baltimore, but most times you can find his black crown vic at his house in PA>

Bullard Construction said...

God has truly blessed him, and he is truly blessing God every day!

Anonymous said...

What absolute absurdity. To postulate that it is his belief in a deity is what drives him to help people.

Lets just, argue for a moment that the theory of intelligent design is true, and the space aliens who designed this planet landed... and showed us proof of them creating our species and putting us on this planet...does that mean this guy would STOP helping other people?

OF COURSE NOT. This notion that people only do good things because of their faith is absolutely illogical and absurd.