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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Chief: Actions "Incorrect, Inappropriate and Unnecessary"

Baltimore County Police Chief Jim Johnson called the actions of an officer, who was recorded on video during an altercation with a man in Towson, "incorrect, inappropriate and unnecessary."

Johnson said Wednesday that the investigation Sunday's incident in Towson that was captured on cellphone will examine the actions of a citizen auxiliary police officer as well as of Baltimore County police officers.

"The words of and demands to cease filming by sworn personnel and citizen volunteer auxiliary officers were incorrect, inappropriate and unnecessary," Johnson said. "They were not helpful in bringing this incident to closure. As we already have stated, all aspects of this encounter are under investigation, and all personnel will be held accountable for their actions."


Anonymous said...

"citizen volunteer auxiliary officers"
- yea we know the type of people these are, and well exhibited on the video, big egos, small......

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

He should be un-volunteered!

Anonymous said...

The guy was an idiot the college drunk was no better. He was cop baiting. He should go to school here SPD knows how to deal with punks. The bottom line those cops did not show up in those numbers for no reason. Sick of college kids throwing trash out in my yard,cursing and drunk at night walking in the streets and pissing in yards. Grow up. I would have taken that phone and stuck it in that kids ear lol

Anonymous said...

2:19 PM

are you the same dense carbon unit that keeps spouting nonsense you have no clue about?

the point of the story is about the man filming the arrests and the out of control cops responding to his LEGAL activity.

the drunk was arrested, the man filming was not.

COMPREHEND for God's sake.

Anonymous said...

Some of you idiots condone this type of police abuse but when it happens to you I bet you will cry foul. There is no excuse for an officer of the law to act the way these self centered Police acted. If we the people keep allowing the cops to act the way they are acting these days we are all gonna be in a jam before it's all said and done.