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Monday, January 06, 2014

Senate Democrats Want To “Fast-Track” Unemployment Benefits

According to the Guardian Newspaper, Democratic leaders in the upper chamber are planning to introduce a three-month extension of long-term unemployment benefits. The aide explained, “This is not some abstract political issue. If Congress doesn't do this, and do it quickly, people will be choosing whether to pay rent or be out on the streets.” The trouble is, without much-needed financial assistance, most people won't have any choice in that scenario. Hopefully, Senate Democrats can push through an extension quickly, and start working on a long-term solution to unemployment – like making our government the employer of last resort.


Anonymous said...

if this passes and you can't find a job in 111 months, rather two years and seven months.....same on you, you're a moron.

Anonymous said...

2:38 Your comment is idiotic and because of that it would be safe to surmise you have no clue what you are talking about.
I suggest you read a few of Joe and Beezer's articles about the lack of employment in this county.
Then I suggest you do a bit of research on how much people on unemployment get. It is below poverty.

Anonymous said...

Annie, kiss my ads. Get off the couch and get a job,you loser. I stand by my statement, in 111 months you can't get a job, then they are loser like you. Move out of your parents basement and get a life. Obama likes your kind you idiot.

Anonymous said...

all the more reason for them to not seek meaningful work. (Sometimes we have to do what we work at pizza hut when other jobs aren't there.)

Anonymous said...

And I stand by my statement that you are clueless.

No one has been on unemployment for 9 years jackazz.
You are just another typical 'Bury POS that has nothing valid to add, so you throw insults as a distraction.

That would identify you as the loser in this conversation.

Obama can like me all he wants, the feelings are not mutual.

Anonymous said...

7:33, and you are an idiot too.
Yea let's live in poverty on unemployment instead of finding meaning full work.

I no longer wonder why this community is so backwards when I see comments like these.

Wake up.
Joe has already told you, there are no jobs.

I hope you lose yours, then you can eat your words.

Anonymous said...

Annie, I stand corrected. It should have read 111 Weeks, 99 plus 12 more. Now, bury POS? You must be a frustrated small person and after you pull your head out of your backside, fathom this. Go procreate with yourself