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Monday, January 06, 2014

Oops! There's no way to add a newborn baby to your ObamaCare coverage

Pretty much how we all feel, kid.

The government geniuses who decided they could run health insurance better than everyone else apparently overlooked the fact that circumstances in people’s lives sometimes change, and it becomes necessary to update your insurance information to reflect that.

People now covered under ObamaCare are getting a rather unpleasant surprise upon the joyous event of having babies added to their families. It turns out giving birth may be easier than giving the baby health coverage. Try going to and looking for a way to add your newborn to your coverage. It doesn’t exist. While you’re at it, try looking for a way to indicate a change in your marital status, your job status, your income . . . I’ll save you the trouble. doesn’t offer a way to do any of that.

Now, you can call your insurer and they’ll take the information and update your insurance, so problem solved, right?


Anonymous said...

The baby doesn't want to be on O'Care anyways.

If you thoroughly read the article, it seems to imply that you will not get any additional subsidy for adding your child until they get the system straightened out, since the subsidy comes from the gov and not the carrier.

So you call the carrier, add the kid, pay more money and no subsidy.

Hows that working out for ya.

Anonymous said...

That's because the sheeple liberals that wrote the law were only familiar with welfare babies. They have no concept that there are independent Americans who recognize it is there responsibility to raise and care for their own.

Anonymous said...

So if you have Obamacare you can kill a child but not add one. I guess that is the way they keep the costs down?