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Monday, January 06, 2014

Is Obamacare A Giant Churn Operation?

There's growing optimism among Obamacare advocates that the Affordable Care Act could reach seven million sign-ups by the end of March. The administration at first embraced the number -- which originally came from the Congressional Budget Office -- only to back away from it when the problems of the federal Obamacare website became apparent. Now, with word that 2.1 million have so far signed up for private insurance, some of that pre-rollout confidence is coming back.

It's well known that in its effort to reach seven million, the administration redefined "enrollment" to mean anyone who has chosen a health plan — not just those who have actually purchased one. So there are serious questions about the 2.1 million figure. But perhaps the bigger question about the Obamacare number is: How many of the people who are now purchasing coverage on the exchanges are doing so because they lost the coverage they already had because it did not meet Obamacare standards?



Anonymous said...

Do not believe any numbers that come from the Obama administration. They are lies.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone on this blog understand the Ocare was meant to fail from the beginning so Obama and his partners in crime could then rescue the lowly citizens with the "single payer" system?

seriously; do you get this?

Anonymous said...

Harry Reid has admitted it is a step towards single payer (nationalized) health insurance. Of course it's a big church job. They destroy the existing market and then provide the new one. ie, create a crisis and offer the solution.

Anonymous said...

I am glad someone else feels this way too...Obama has said on several occasions that single payer is the ultimate goal. Looks like he is going to get his way.

Anonymous said...

I like single payer, but I don't trust THIS government to get it right. Contemplating a move to Canada. Or Sweden.