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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dr. Mark Edney - Obama Care Update

Monthly meeting Thursday 1/30/14 at 7 pm at Ocean Pines Community Center. Doors open at 6:30 pm

Guest speaker: Dr. Mark Edney, a recognized expert on the Affordable Care Act. Dr. Edney will update us on the bad & the ugly of Obama Care.


Anonymous said...

A recognized expert? Recognized by whom? How can he be an expert when the people who wrote the law don't even know what's in it?

Anonymous said...

You are an idiot , The doctor is an expert in his field.
You dumb a$$ , he knows more about his profession and Obamacare than anyone I know.
He also will speak out against this administration because of his military experience.
Will you? Mr. anonymous!

az i c it said...

Never doubt Dr. Edney. I am a patient of his and I find him to be very intelligent and qualified to speak on whatever he wants.

Anonymous said...

The good doctor may be an expert in the medical field but Obamacare doesn't have much to do with medicine. It's just a tax and income redistribution scheme. I still contend that nobody is an expert on it because it's such a huge, uncontrollable turkey.

Anonymous said...

12:58 You couldn't be more wrong. Obamacare is meant to pave the way to a Government run National Health Care Service--and it will greatly effect medicine. Dr. Edney is one of our best and brightest, he has served in our military and continues on active duty. It is not unpredictable to discuss the changes a NHS forces on medicine--it is a miserable failure in other countries already.

Anonymous said...

With National Health Care those who can afford to pay the most will get the best care. Those dependent on the man will the very basics.
You don't think everyone should get the same care do you? That would be socialism. With a tiered system, based on what your willing to pay, seems much more American.
People like Laura Mitchel will get wards and long waiting lines. Joe would get private a doctor and a suit at the hospital.

Anonymous said...

obamacare is an abortion. get rid of it now.