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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Coburn: 2013 Marked 'Unwinding Of Country's Founding Principles'

Sen. Tom Coburn says the power grab by Democratic leaders in Congress, not to mention the Obama administration's apparent disdain for the rule of law, made 2013 one of the nation's worst years.

"In both the executive branch and Congress, Americans witnessed an unwinding of the country's founding principles and of their government's most basic responsibilities," Coburn wrote Monday in an op-ed piece carried in The Wall Street Journal.

"The rule of law gave way to the rule of rulers. And the rule of reality . . . gave way to some politicians' belief that they were entitled to both their own opinions and their own facts."

"It's no wonder the institutions of government barely function," the Oklahoma Republican added.



Anonymous said...

"Open Culture" website has an interesting article regarding Isaac Asimovs' 1964 prediction of what 2014 will be like.He released those predictions at the 1964 NY Worlds Fair.His accuracy was amazing.

Anonymous said...

Obama's "fundamental transformation" meant the implementation of Socialism and the destruction of American morality.