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Thursday, January 02, 2014

By The Numbers, Was 2013 A Year To Forget?

About half of Americans expect 2014 to be a better year than 2013, according to the recent AP-Times Square New Year’s Eve poll. And judging by the typical questions pollsters use to measure the public mood, it doesn’t seem like it could be much worse.

A look at how the public rated the nation’s performance in 2013:

Right direction? Not quite yet

Whether people think the nation is heading the right way or the wrong way is a basic measure of optimism that pollsters have used for decades to gauge the public mood. In AP-GfK polling this year, few thought the United States had found the right path.



Anonymous said...

Every year will be worse than the one before until January of 2015.

Bet on it.

Anonymous said...

Well, unless someone does something about it... Somebody? anybody?

Anonymous said...

Never forget, never try to block. Always remember this year and the information and lessons it has brought us.