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Monday, December 30, 2013

The Pathetic Irrelevance Of Jesse Jackson

In a desperate attempt to stay relevant, Jesse Jackson has sunk the civil rights movement he represents to the absolute bottom of self-parody by denouncing Phil Robertson as “more offensive” than the bus driver who asked Rosa Parks to give up her seat.

Once the civil rights movement did good in America by erasing vestigial remnants of the long-ago days of slavery. Despite his communist associations and personal flaws, Martin Luther King Jr.’s basic message was positive: We would be much better off if our society judged us by the content of our character, as he advocated.

However, we are increasingly less judged by our character than our ethnicity, thanks to a racial hierarchy based on phony victimhood that has been imposed on us in part by demagogues who hijacked the civil rights movement.



Anonymous said...

This guy needs to go away. His latest spew proves his uselessness in our society. He is nothing but a race baiter, and lately, he's failing at that. Shrivel up and die, Jessie, and take Al with you.

Anonymous said...

Judge the majority of blacks by their character now... They still are at the bottom of the barrel. Unfortunately all desegregation has done is lower the bar for susceptible whites, dragging more of them into the fray of degenerate, uncivilized, uneducated behavior and dependent poverty...
This is the Truth that everyone, especially liberals are too politically correct to speak.