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Sunday, December 01, 2013

"I Work At McDonalds, But I Can't Afford To Eat There"

For Shawndraka Mack, a 100% pay rise from her current $7.60 "would do just fine." While some employees turn to blood plasma donation, and most are on food stamps (and other benefits), the mother of two teenagers (on Medicaid) told Bloomberg Businessweek, “I love what I do, but I don’t want to work for nothing." Between the 40 hours a week she works and the benefits, Mack explains, “I work at McDonald’s and I can’t afford to eat there. It’s crazy.” Of course, McDonalds has 'tips' for surviving on their state-subsidized wages but once again, despite Harry Reid's extrapolated charts, the reality of raising the minimum wage is lost on most who never stop to think of where the 'money' comes from; and besides employees have little to no leverage as we explained here.



Anonymous said...

why did you get rid of the million dollar award?

Anonymous said...

i wish my name was SHAWNDRAKA.

Anonymous said...

This would prices to increase for everything..once again idiot politicans screwing the econmic engine up to further enslave us all....gets prices down .the value of the dollars need to go up..this will only devalue it some more

Sand Box John said...

Things must have changed sense I worked for McDonald's or she works for a franchise that does not provide a free meal to their employees that work a shift longer then 4 hours.

If she has been working at same McDonald's for six years and is only making $7.60 hour she probably isn't showing enough initiative to here supervisors to prove she worth more.

Hell, when I worked for McDonald's I was making 1/4 less then double the minimum wage withing a year of being hired. But then I proved to my supervisors I could do more then just flip burgers and bag fries.