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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Regular Citizens Enter National Parks And Dare Obama's Goons To Catch Them

It belongs to the people, not to the government. And yes, the former outranks the latter.

In choosing to stage histrionics over the so-called "shutdown," the Obama Administration hoped to prove to everyone how vital and wonderful the government really is. Why, you won't have your parks! You won't have your veterans' memorials! We'll even close the ocean!

But what they've really done is demonstrate what happens when the government intertwines itself with things that may belong to the public, but really don't need government oversight. We all heard the stories last week of the government erecting barricades at the World War II Memorial, even though it is normally not staffed and thus would not need to be affected by the shutdown. Closing off the memorial cost more money than doing nothing. It was strictly a stunt by the White House to upset people so they could blame Republicans.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! you be laughing till you run around a corner into a hungry bear, Not much food for several days. You'll look good.

Anonymous said...

Any volunteers anxious to open Assateague National Seashore?

Or, are we going to let the Obama regime and his minions like Chuck Cook and Jim Ireton trample and corrupt our nation with Frank Marshall Davis/Saul Alinsky radical Marxism?
I'm quite sure they both support him closing monuments, memorials and parks just to be spiteful, arrogant and vindictive towards ALL Americans.

Anonymous said...

9:14 Just why do you think there would be a hungry bear with the park closed down? Oh, that's right, they rely on the Government to feed them. I didn't know that bears were Democrats until your comment. Thanks for the heads up.