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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Me And ACA

I tried a bunch of times to get on NYS's health exchange last week. Dead end. The site went down for 'repairs' over the weekend, but as of 8 AM today it was up and running. Some thoughts.

The first step is to get a user ID. For those familiar with this type of registration process the Captchas etc. are not a big hurdle. But two 8 digit codes (no spaces please) are required on step one. My guess is that there are fair number of people who will struggle with this. The same could be said for the password requirements (eight digits, two numbers and one capital letter).

The NYS exchange wants more than the standard ID info of address and SS#. I was asked a series of questions to 'prove' my identity. I was asked to identify a financial institution that I had opened an account with in the past two years. Five banks were listed, and one of them was the bank I had in fact opened a new account.

Another question blew my mind. I have never purchased pet insurance, so this was a trick question that required the response "None of the above" to continue with registration.


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Anonymous said...

I noticed in the article, his option was Empire BC/BS. They sux - big time, need to prior authorize everything, need referrals, and pay for nothing.
What I am noticing are, that these are HMO style policies.
And that is bad.
I found a website to check doctor participation in MD and they listed the following insurance carriers, Carefirst blue choice - HMO
BluePerferred - HMO
All Savers Ins Co - HMO from united healthcare.
Obammiecare doesn't need a death panel, they have brought back the killing fields of the HMO'S
HMO's used to be the cheapest policy sold, but not with Obammiecare.
Not only will you pay a hefty sum for premiums and or deductibles, you will not get the care you need, as history has shown, HMO's don't approve or pay for anything and you will be dead before you finish fighting your appeal for denied services.