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Friday, September 20, 2013

France Bans Beauty Contests For Girls

France's upper house of parliament has voted to outlaw beauty contests for girls under 16 years old under threat of prison sentences and fines in an attempt to halt the "hypersexualisation" of youngsters.

The Sénat voted for the proposal on Wednesday after Chantal Jouanno, a former sports minister under the right-of-centre president Nicolas Sarkozy, introduced the ban as part of a bill on gender equality.

"Don't let us allow our girls to believe from an early age that their only value is their looks," Jouanno told senators. "Don't let us allow commercial interests to outweigh social interests.

"Lawmakers are not moralisers, but we have a duty to defend the superior interest of the child."


Anonymous said...

I applaud you France for taking a stand to prevent little girls from being sexualized in this manner. Just another area where our country lacks common sense.

Anonymous said...

Good idea. Let's let them grow to adulthood in education before that choice is available.

Anonymous said...

Good idea France now little girls wouldn't become so spoiled if they won a beauty contest when they are younger since a lot of them think they are the prettiest girls a lot.

Anonymous said...

French girls are too hairy!

Anonymous said...

France has had a different mentality about women and sexuality forever. This comes a surprise to me. Good to see.. but a surprise.