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Friday, September 20, 2013

Four Fatally Beat Man In Broad Daylight

City Police say they have charged four people in a fatal beating incident that happened in broad daylight on the streets of Reservoir Hill.

According to police, Kwan Blackburn, Malik Hampton-Cummings, and Willie and Latiqua Mayes have all been charged with murder and assault for the incident.

Witnesses told police that they watched the group chase down Donald Robinson and beat him to death.



Anonymous said...

Well, now that I read the entire article, I'm happy with the the result. Except that there is nothing offered to convict anyone here

Anonymous said...

Vigilante justice?? Or gang murder??

Anonymous said...

Expect to see more incidents like this.The catch and release of sex offenders really has folks up in arms,and they aren't being properly monitored upon release.

Anonymous said...

Just look at that guy that is always givin the Man of the year awards from Wicomico county, and now he is going to be Gary's top man at the Chamber! Why does this county continue to reward this registered sex offender?