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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Teacher's Allergy, Ohio Girl's Service Dog At Odds

ATHENS, Ohio (AP) -- The mother of an autistic first-grader in Ohio who uses a service dog is challenging a decision that the girl must change schools because her special-education teacher is allergic to dog dander.

Charla Gretz said a school official told her on the first day of school this week that her daughter, 6-year-old Shyanna, and her black Labrador retriever, Spring, could not attend Morrison-Gordon Elementary School in southeast Ohio, The Columbus Dispatch reported ( ). The official told her that the special-education teacher at the school is extremely allergic to dog dander and Shyanna must transfer, according to Gretz.

Shyanna gets overwhelmed by sensory issues and does not cope well with change, Gretz said. Her dog is trained to calm her and to walk on an attached tether so the girl cannot wander. Gretz said changing schools would disturb her daughter.



Anonymous said...

Another Scam!

Anonymous said...

So, change teachers. DUH.

OMG said...

It's either Shyanna gets homeschooled, goes to another school, a teacher transfer through the BOE is arranged, or all involved commit suicide. Why are you bringing this crap to MY plate?

Anonymous said...

but changing teachers would upset all the other "special" kids....