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Friday, August 09, 2013

More Speed Cameras Eyed For Wicomico County

SALISBURY – Despite a few flaws, the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office is looking to expand the speed cameras in school zones after finding the program to be successful in slowing down speeders.

According to the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office, in October 2009 the State of Maryland authorized the use of automated speed monitoring systems in school and highway work zones.

The system uses radar technology to measure the speed of every vehicle that passes the camera. Vehicles found to be exceeding the posted speed limit by at least 12 miles per hour will be photographed to document the violation and determine the vehicle’s registered owner. After the violation is reviewed and approved by a deputized officer, a citation, including the violation photos and the vehicle’s speed, will be sent to the registered owner. The maximum fine is $40 for each violation. No license points are assessed and vehicle insurance providers are not notified.



Anonymous said...

1. I thought the money was "for the kids"???? Last I knew, kids don't drive patrol cars.
2. I was also under the impression that signs had to be posted advising that a speed camera was in the area. I just got a notice in the mail from an area that is NOT a school zone and no signs were posted. I'm not denying that I probably was speeding a little bit, but why no signs? How is that legal?
3. I have heard from others who have received tickets that they believe to be incorrect that questioning is not worth it - the guy in charge from the city or county is NASTY regardless of how he is approached about the ticket.
4 DUI offenders get nol pros...just trying to understand why the speed camera tickets are never wrong, but drunk drivers get off?

Anonymous said...

You mean they found it profitable?

Anonymous said...

It was very successful in generating income. Watch for the fine to increase without notice, probably in increments of $10. every couple of months. The contractor doing this will not be satisfied for long with his "cut'.

ginn said...

If you go to thenewspaper (dot) com & search for DC, Maryland: Speed Camera Firms Move To Hide Evidence you will see how unlawful these "tin cops" really are. I, for one, intend to challenge ANY ticket I'm mailed as a result of these machines..., machines are inherently fallible.

Anonymous said...

What happened to 14 over???? That was the deal at first.

Anonymous said...

When is someone going to start destroying these tax machines? How much more will you allow government to invade every aspect of your lives?

Are you that conditioned? Are you that subservient? Are you that FEARFUL of your own government?

A society that fears its' government is tyranny.

A society that the government fears is liberty.

Choose one.

Anonymous said...

I got caught off guard by the one by beaver run in the maroon suv. especially since school is CLOSED and in session. They are making big $$ on the road to the sharptown festival, they have the suv sitting in front of the school in mardella racking up tickets while school is closed. heard it directly from a lucky ticket holder.

Anonymous said...

Don't speed don't worry!