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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ehrlich To O'Malley: "Stop Whining" On Hotel

 Former Governor Robert Ehrlich says he is not to blame for the financial problems of the city owned Hilton Hotel in Baltimore, and current Governor Martin O'Malley needs to "stop whining" about it.

Ehrlich's comments to WBAL-TV came two days after O'Malley told reporters that the city hotel is losing money, because Ehrlich wouldn't provide state funds for its construction.

As Baltimore mayor, O'Malley convinced the city to finance the hotel which opened in 2008, one year after O'Malley took office as governor.

"It probably would have been better structured if we had a more cooperative state. You may recall that, at the time, we asked and we were told no by the then governor," O'Malley said Wednesday.



Anonymous said...

For real-these democrats including omalley and obama need to start acting like real men and own up, have a solution and then fix the problem. Any moron can toss blame, but it takes someone with a spine and guts to not blame and fix. It's school child's play to blame and not something a grown man should be doing or at least grown men who were taught properly.
His parents probably were apologists and excuse makers for him as a child and it's carried over into his adult life making him look ever more the simpleton who hasn't the brains to say anything other than "it's their fault it's their fault."

Anonymous said...

Good for Ehrlich and I hope Bush and all the Republicans who have been blamed for things start speaking up.
For the uninformed, if they aren't told the truth they seem to believe everything.
Republicans have NOT had the majority either on the Federal level and certainly not Maryland for a good number of years.

bob pinto said...

All O'M has to say is "we're working on it" as he did in the Baltimore jail guard fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Getting ready for his run to the White House........blaming the past administration already.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Bobby. It's about time Republicans start fighting back. For the last 20 years republicans have campaigned as the nice guy and never fought back. Guess what the nice guy lost elections.

Anonymous said...

I wish Ehrlich would run for President!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To the Republicans that didn't like Bob Ehrlich and voted 3rd Party please change party affiliations and join their party. You are a useless RINO and we don't need you.