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Saturday, July 13, 2013

20 Kids Dead Since May After Being Left In Hot Cars

Twenty children nationwide have died since May after being left alone in hot cars, and experts say adults have to be especially vigilant as temperatures continue to soar.

On July 5, an 8-month-old boy died after his mother forgot he was in the backseat while she went to work in Arlington County on an especially muggy Friday afternoon. The outside temperature was about 90 degrees. The infant's body temperature was 108 degrees when he was pronounced dead at Alexandria Inova Hospital.

Zoraida Magali Conde Hernandez, 32, was charged with felony child neglect.

On the same day, a toddler died in Baltimore County under similar circumstances. Officers say a relative was supposed to take the 16-month-old to a Head Start center. Police say the relative instead drove to their home in Baltimore, went inside and fell asleep for four hours.



Anonymous said...

The rules of engagement should allow the responding Police Officer to shoot the responsible party.Anyone who allows a child to die in a hot car does not deserve to live among the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Natural selection.

Anonymous said...

Put the child in the front seat. It's too easy to forget a sleeping baby in the back, sight unseen. It only takes once.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Obama.