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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Doing This Bad Habit Could Cause Significant Heart Problems

You know soda isn’t good for your waistline, but new research shows it’s not too sweet on your heart, either. Drinking excessive amounts of soda can cause irregular heart function and even death, according to a new study presented at the European Heart Rhythm Association meeting in Athens.

The finding comes after a 31-year-old woman from Monaco went to the hospital suffering from irregular heartbeats and fainting. It turns out that the only thing she drank for 16 years was soda; she put away about two liters of the sugary stuff a day. Researchers examined six other case studies of excessive soda drinkers and found their habits had all resulted in irregular heart function, erratic heartbeats, and, in the case of one patient, death.



Anonymous said...

I did worse then her for a dozen years or so, I drank at least two 2 liter sodas every day, eventually became diabetic and ate far to much junk. Today, I'm using less and less insulin every day by eating veggies, healthy proteins, little fried junk, fruits and stay away from packaged meals, all loaded with High fructose corn syrup, salt or sugar, none of which anyone intelligent should eat much of. Even substitute sugar tricks the brain early on to produce insulin in the liver, but after so many times that it doesn't get used because it's not needed, the liver stops production assuming that it's no longer needed for most things, but especially sweets and sweets destroy your organs. Not long from now sugar is going to be found to be the most long term deadly thing we eat. I try to never eat sugar, nor sweets. The fructose in a piece of fruit is easy for the body to break down and assimilate, but processed sugar is glue to your organs and hard to expel. Doctors have just lately started injecting sugar or fructose into cancer areas because the cancer lights up, becomes overactive and can then be more easily seen on mri and ct scan screenings. There are lots of deaths due to sugar that never get reported, food companies like it this way, politicians get money to keep their mouths shut, the American way.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should drink beer instead.