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Monday, June 10, 2013

Remarkable (?) Week in Maryland Politics

We are 13 months away from Maryland’s primary and already we’ve been hit by a tsunami of election news. What’s remarkable about the Week That Was is how unremarkable these developments turned out to be:

• Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown announced his running mate — Howard County Executive Ken Ulman — a fact we have known for weeks.

• That same day, Harford County Executive David Craig announced for governor on the Republican ticket. He’s only been campaigning for the past year.

• Not to be upstaged by Craig, Annapolis Del. Ron George announced for guv, too. He made his intentions clear weeks ago.



Anonymous said...

How many turds can fit in the toilet, before we flush it?

Anonymous said...

The article missed the BIG news! That Jim Ireton could be a Lt. Gov. pick for Doug Gansler, thereby ensuring his defeat.

But no worries, Gansler fans. Ain't gonna happen. Why? The article answered that for you:

What do these happenings have in common?

"All these politicos crave publicity."

That's why Ireton's name was floated. Sowing seeds for his 24/7/365/lifetime seeking of political positions.