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Monday, June 10, 2013

Boy Scouts’ Decision On Gays Tests Loyalty Of Members

For Dennis Ebersole, the fallout from the Boy Scouts of America's decision to change a century of policy and allow openly gay Scouts to participate wasn’t long in coming.

“Within 12 hours of the announcement that the membership standards resolution had passed, I was contacted by five other members in my pack leadership committee, questioning whether they were going to continue Scouting,” said Mr. Ebersole, a den leader with Cub Scout Pack 282 in South Riding, Va.

The reaction was equally quick for Gary Hiden, an assistant scoutmaster of Troop 268 in New Market, Md., who has been involved with the Boy Scouts of America his whole life. He was a Boy Scout, and his mother served as a den mother and his father as a scoutmaster. Now, both his sons are Scouts. But the family plans to quit the Boy Scouts once the new policy takes effect Jan. 1.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely pull your boys out. If you stay, you're gay. The gays wanted it, it's theirs!!!

Anonymous said...

As goes the once great USA.

Anonymous said...

Simple. Just change the name to American Scouts. You forget the tax exempt status. Get the Government out of it. If an organization like this is formed, there will be enough private donations to help the kids. By the way, are the girl scouts required by law to accept lesbians?

Anonymous said...

Minorities rule in this PC society we have now.There will come a time when all will regret it but it WILL THEN BE TOO LATE

Anonymous said...

Families must stand for their personal principles. I applaud the families that are pulling out from this now violated program. It is sad that these decisions must be made and yet as a family they need to protect their children. Allowing gays in is the same as allowing pedophiles in; like the old adage of allowing the fox in the hen house.
Stand strong straight families.

Anonymous said...

Don't like the decision, the leave! Start your own organization. Obviously you had enough people friendly to the gay rights cause come into the BSA that they were able to change the policy. Don't like the policy, then BSA is obviously no longer your organization.