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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

No Heterosexual White Males Need Apply

America’s great universities continue to be bastions of intolerance. They profess to prize “diversity,” which in practice means that everybody must believe the same things. The blog has the story of how the Northwestern University Student Senate refused to allow student Stephen Piotrkowski to become vice president of diversity and inclusion because he admits to being a white heterosexual male.


Anonymous said...

Good to see normal people recognize the difference between right and wrong!

Anonymous said...

Social justice = discrimination

Anonymous said...

I was watching one of the CNN channels on history and the two speakers were talking about a book the female professor from the UVa. wrote about female spies in Richmond during the Civil War. The second speaker was the President of the University of Richmond. I don't know if he was guy but he appeared quite feminine. He spoke with a little lisp. The female author from the University of Virginia looked more masculine and she even wore a female version of a suit. Many of the questions she was asked she didn't know the answers to so she kept rambling on about something else. The typical liberal way. The audience was filled with black females and much of the discussion was about how blacks in Richmond during the war were of an upper class? I thought the book was about female spies, but the whole conversation was twisted with lies. There are two points. One being some blacks want to hear so bad that there race was an upper class race and not a servant type race. The other point being this author had no answers to the questions on the subject matter she should have known. Second and foremost these are the people writing history and people seem to be the truth in the eyes of the weak minds.