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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Senate Panel Approves Immigration Bill

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Far-reaching legislation to grant a chance at citizenship to millions of immigrants living illegally in the United States cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee on a solid bipartisan vote Tuesday night after supporters somberly sidestepped a controversy over the rights of gay spouses.

The 13-5 vote cleared the way for an epic showdown on the Senate floor on the measure, which is one of President Barack Obama's top domestic priorities yet also gives the Republican Party a chance to recast itself as more appealing to minorities.

The committee's action sparked rejoicing from immigration activists who crowded into a Senate committee room to witness the proceedings. "Yes, we can!" they shouted as they clapped rhythmically to show their pleasure.



Anonymous said...

They are still willing to import people instead of growing the skills here! Caving to the business interests by allowing them to import cheap (specially-skilled) labor instead of training Americans to acquire the necessary skills doesn't help us in the long run.
This is just another short-term band-aid to a sucking chest wound.
Foreign labor can't change jobs as frequently or they lose their status - employers have them over a barrel and can low-ball the pay scale...not much different than sending the jobs to the foreign country!

Anonymous said...

They aren't coming here to work you idiot they are coming here for the welfare bennies.

Anonymous said...

Deport them, problem solved!

Anonymous said...

the folks of COngress should be sent to some of these third world countries, to say lead the way for the illegals back to where they belong.

Anonymous said...

See what the house does, then we'll know how honorable our congressmen & women are... Not too, I suspect. Alas!