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Monday, April 08, 2013

We're Committed To Victims' Families

In Maryland, we focus on the policies that work to drive down crime, and together with the men and women of law enforcement, we’ve driven down violent crime to three-decade lows. We did this by focusing on things that work, and by identifying things that don’t work and eliminating them. The death penalty doesn’t reduce violent crime, and it’s expensive. That’s why, this session, we came together to eliminate the death penalty and replace it with life without parole.

Governor O’Malley is committed to providing assistance to victims’ families. Our original bill called to appropriate savings starting in FY2015 to that purpose. Unfortunately, the provision didn’t make it through the legislative process. However, the Governor remains committed to providing this funding for victims’ families in FY2015.
In the interim, the Governor’s Office of Crime and Criminal Prevention, has been working with advocates to identify gaps in service needs to get families the help they need before FY2015.

Together with the advocates, GOCCP developed a survey to find those gaps. We need everyone’s input on this important initiative. Here’s a link to the survey:


Anonymous said...

They've done it by manipulating stats, i.e. reporting what they want/need to for whatever purpose such as receiving grants. And not reporting what they want/need to to show reduction for the purpose of validating the grant money. Also by self-classification of crimes, i.e. a burglary to become an m.d.o.p. or an m.d.o.p. to be considered an attempted burglary. YOU AIN'T FOOLING NOBODY!!!

Obama Motors said...

Could someone explain how is the Death Penalty more expensive than having an inmate in jail for life, feeding him 3 meals a day, TV, internet access and big possibility of harming others. Mr. OweMalley, yes, we are all victims of your failed policies you & fellow liberals in Congress impose on us, the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

10:44 that's democratic math for ya!
omalley sucks along with Conway and every other loser democrat in the peoples republic of maryland!

lmclain said...

Perhaps, just maybe, if we didn't always look for "gaps" that need to be filled for those "in need" (aren't most of us "in need"? Perhaps people should have a little bit more of "I'll fill the gaps in my needs WITH A JOB" attitude....My god, we've filled the housing "gap", the childcare "gap", the medical care "gap", the food "gap", the electricity and heating oil "gap", the cell phone "gap" and with cash deposits into bank accounts, we've filled the hair and nails "gap". How about our "representatives' start working on the "gaps" in OUR lives? You know, the people who are PAYING for all their wonderfully socialist giveaways? Oh yeah. Thats right. All they do for the working people is come up with new ways to take their money. More taxes. Surcharges. Fines. Levies. Fees. The latest Gestapo "campaign" to keep us "safe" (from taking a vacation). Please stop figuring out ways to take from those who earn and give it to those who do not. You are killing us.