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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Gun Bill Clears Senate Hurdle As Filibuster Falls Short

Controversial gun legislation cleared a key Senate hurdle Thursday, as lawmakers voted 68-31 to start debate on the package which includes expanded background checks and new penalties for gun trafficking.

Senate Democrats, joined by 16 Republicans, were able to overcome an attempted filibuster by GOP senators opposed to the current bill. Those senators could still slow-walk the debate, but the Senate will eventually begin votes on amendments -- one of which is considered crucial to winning support for a final vote.

The White House called Thursday's tally an "important" but "early milestone," as both sides of the issue prepare for a grueling debate -- one that is being waged in Washington and on the airwaves. 



Anonymous said...

We might just be doomed to another civil war as two-thirds of the population are made criminals with the stroke of a pen!

Anonymous said...

Welcome my outlaws

Anonymous said...

That's ok. Our founding fathers were outlaws too. I don't mind being an outlaw if that means I am against the current and proposed laws, and the idiots who sponsor them.