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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Md. Judge: Board Must Reinstate Doctor's License

A state board must reinstate the license of a Middletown doctor who was accused more than seven years ago of improperly touching patients, a county judge has ruled.

In June, the Maryland Board of Physicians overruled the recommendation of an administrative law judge, Harriet C. Helfand, and revoked the medical license of Michael S. Rudman.

State law requires the board to present strong reasons for disagreeing with an administrative law judge's proposed decision.



lmclain said...

A doctor "improperly" touching patients gets his livelihood taken away. Too bad the TSA doesn't have an "oversight" board, huh?

ginn said...

What 1:52 said!

Anonymous said...

Giving a sex offender back his license to practice medicine where he will have unlimited access to patients. Nice. Remind me not to go there.