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Friday, March 15, 2013


The Los Angeles Times ran a Thursday editorial by Middlebury College Professor Bill McKibben arguing that allowing millions of illegal immigrants into America will reduce global warming.

“I feel it's urgent that we get real immigration reform, allowing millions to step out of the shadows and on to a broad path toward citizenship,” wrote McKibben. “It will help, not hurt, our environmental efforts, and potentially in deep and powerful ways.”

McKibben says that while the average American has a larger carbon footprint than a person living in the developing world, bringing more immigrants to America would likely reduce their tendency to have higher birthrates, thereby creating less carbon-producing people. 



Anonymous said...

Get the F out of here what a bunch of crap.

Anonymous said...

Unfathomable idiocy...

Anonymous said...

From the Middlebury Page:
"Middlebury has established itself as a leader in campus environmental initiatives, with an accompanying educational focus on environmental issues around the globe."
McKibbon is nothing more than an environmental activist with some writing skills. He and his crew,, are infamous on the net.
From Wikipedia:
"McKibben grew up in the suburbs of Boston in Lexington, Massachusetts where he attended high school. His father, who was arrested in 1971 during a protest in support of Vietnam veterans against the war, had written for Business Week and took the position of business editor at The Boston Globe in 1980. As a high school student McKibben wrote for the local paper and participated in statewide debate competitions. Entering Harvard University in 1978, he supported various leftist causes but, as a child of privilege himself, struggled to find one he could put his heart into. With a passion for journalism he became editor of The Harvard Crimson. In 1980, following the important election of Ronald Reagan, he determined to dedicate his life to the environmental cause."

Anonymous said...

Good grief. His argument is that they will become Americanized and stop popping out babies as is common in poor countries. By that logic they'll also become 50 pounds or more overweight and drive big trucks and cars...oh wait.

Anonymous said...

Leftists also think that you can decrease our debt by spending more. idiots.

Anonymous said...

We need a border around Commiefornia, so the ridiculous BS that comes from there, stays there. FFS, I would rather get invaded by every other country, than to see the Cali agenda spread. Oops, too late.

They screwed that state up SO BAD, and went to far, that they're now spreading like a disease into other states.