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Sunday, November 25, 2012

When Israel Says It Doesn't Target Journalists, It Is Lying

Last Sunday, the Israeli army attacked a building in Gaza City where local and international radio and television outlets are housed. As The Electronic Intifada’s Charlotte Silver commented yesterday, the Israeli army spokesperson admittedclearly and candidly that the army “obviously know there are journalists in the building.”

Six journalists were injured, including a Palestinian reporter who was resting when a missile struck the building, blowing off his right leg. Our correspondent Rami Almeghari wrote an important, harrowing story about the attacks from the journalists’ perspectives.

The death toll since last Wednesday has reached at least 100 across Gaza.


Anonymous said...

It's the Media like the one that wrote this drivel that is always trying to make Israel the bad guy, and Hamas the good guy, hence becoming Israel's enemy. When the fight has begun, you attack your enemies! DUH! Israel is the one under attack and playing defense here.

Anonymous said...

Hama's was covering among journalists. Israel warned them with a small blast to the roof to cut communications. They continued, so Israel; took out the Hama's operative on the second floor.
They should have leveled the building.