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Sunday, November 25, 2012

More Than 2 Million To Lose Extended Unemployment Benefits If The Nation Tumbles Off The "Fiscal Cliff"

More than 2 million Americans are set to lose extended unemployment benefits at the end of the year if the nation tumbles off the so-called "fiscal cliff." 

And Republicans who consider such things as mere "gifts" that, they say, the nation can't afford, appear more than happy to let it happen. But as The Atlantic recently reported, the United States actually provides less generous unemployment benefits than most of the other developed nations in the world. Looking at numbers from the OECD, the United States ranks lower than Japan, Italy, Spain, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Norway, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Israel when it comes to providing the unemployed with benefits. It's time for Conservatives in the United States to understand who the real "job creators" are. They aren't rich people demanding more tax cuts to stash in Swiss bank accounts. They're working class Americans who spend money, and thus keep the economy churning. That's why it's crucial to help these working-class Americans when they lose their jobs – and keep the economy going for the rest of us.


Anonymous said...

And all would rather go back to work instead! I just went shoe shopping. The US no longer makes shoes! China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Korea hold that market! Bass, Timberline, Sperry, Bostonian, Rockport...None in America, so when you shell out $160 at Vernon Powell, you're buying the same Chinese crap Wal Mart is selling for forty bucks!!
Kill the Unions and get us our jobs back!

Anonymous said...

"Working class Americans", who ain't working. Sign of the times I guess.

Anonymous said...

Who do you think will be the first to lose their benefits when the current democratic administration pushes the "STOP the flow of that worthless green paper we're printing button"? Who will be the first to get pushed over the edge of the " Fiscal Cliff Divers"? Will the administration choose the dead beat/never no worky bums on welfare, i.e. entrenched, repetitive dyed in the wool dependable Democratic voters, or will it be, "The old/almost in the box, Social Security crowd, they're on their last round-up anyway" made up mostly of retired Americans who saved and worked during their lifetimes (Republicans?). It seems pretty clear who'll get the Democratic axe in the last days.

Anonymous said...

I want a job back. I don't care from where. Maybe it has to be from another country, because mine has none.

Anonymous said...

If I move to another country and become a citizen, do I still get my social security benefits I've paid into all my life?

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking maybe people collecting unemployment benefits should organize and form their own union. After all, WE pay taxes too.

Anonymous said...

People forget that the executive has the discretion as which programs get paid for and which do not. Thee are certain parts like SS that will be paid no mater.

Anonymous said...

I would much rather have a job and the comradery of co-workers and an extended family.

The cuts to extended benefits could mean first the loss of my car/transportation and quite possibly the foreclosure of my home.

My car payments aren't much, right now unemployment makes my car payment, house payment and pays the utilities and food. Single person household here. If you receive assistance you can't have room mates.

Where do I go next? Welfare and food stamps? An $8 an hour job isn't going to help me one single bit, I may as well just leap from the fiscal cliff.

I'd gladly pay a higher tax rate for a good job.