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Monday, November 12, 2012

President Obama Is The Second FDR, Not The Second Carter

I’ve thought a lot over the last few years about the axiom, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes” (often attributed, though not definitively, to Mark Twain). The question to me was whether the presidency of Barack Obama would “rhyme” with that of Jimmy Carter or Franklin Roosevelt. Given Tuesday’s election results, FDR is the more apt precedent.
For a while, it appeared that the 2012 presidential election would parallel the 1980 election between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. Like today, in 1980 the economy—and particularly the job market—had been sluggish for years. Then, as now, there was an uneasy sense of American decline on the world stage. Under Carter, the Soviets seemed in the ascendancy; today, militant Islam poses the greatest challenge to our interests. In both cases, the first-term Democratic incumbent seemed tentative and constitutionally incapable of admitting that “the other side” was ruthlessly aggressive and expansionist—a true threat to individual rights and international peace. Carter pulled the rug out from under the Shah and in effect surrendered Iran to control of the mullahsObama did essentially the same to Mubarak and left Egypt to the tender mercies of the Muslim Brotherhood.


Anonymous said...

You can not have the fox guarding the hen house.

Anonymous said...

Obama's both. FDR was horrible. His failed policies extended the Depression by 5 years and then his only answer was to create more government jobs which has done nothing more than create what has become know as red tape. For instance immigrants used to be able to apply and come here almost instantaneously. Now thanks to FDR creating all the gov't bureacracy it takes forever, hence the illegal problem.

There was a recession (1918-1919) worse than what caused the depression. It was the republicans and their platform that averted a depression and the US went into what was known as the Roaring 20's.

Any and all problems were and continue to be caused by the democrats. Including the Civil War because the democrats didn't want the slaves to have freedom.

Anonymous said...

Here's whats funny. The same crowd that cries about "american exceptionalism" and claims the US as the last bastion of freedom are then want to support dictators and monarchs who represent the exact opposite. I guess democracy is good, except when it comes to arabs.

Anonymous said...

What dictators do you refer to 2:43? Murbarak and Gaddafi? Are these the Arabs you are referring to? If so you need to do your homework. Both Murbarak and Gaddafi hated terrorists almost as much as we do. Of course they kept a few around just in case they needed them as Saddam did during the Gulf War and let them loose to fight.
They have been lurking in the shadows just waiting for an imbecile such as Obama to fool. They went on Facebook and other social media pretending to want democracy and Obama the other "intellect of the democratic party" fell for it.
That Arab Spring is just working out so wonderful isn't it? Lawlessness in both Egypt and Libya, Sharia becoming the law of the land. Gone any rights for women. And voters still voted in a fool. It is truly the dumbing down. No wonder foreign students are applying at colleges here. Any moron could get a degree anymore.