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Monday, November 12, 2012


SBY News


My name is George Kirby and I live near Annapolis, Md. While helping a relative clean up her yard after Hurricane Sandy, I found a large envelope in a pile of leaves. This find was located in the old Brooklyn Park area of AA county, just south of Baltimore.
I'm contacting you because all the contents of the envelope once belonged to a Mr. Wilmer B. Bowen, Route#2, Salisbury, MD. I was able to find out that he passed away in 1997 and is buried in the Wicomico Memorial Park. I'd like to find any surviving relatives.
The envelope contained numerous US Navy documents pertaining to Mr. Bowen's service during WW-II. These documents are all from the early/mid 1940's. There is also a "Service Star Wallet" from the Trinity Methodist Church, Salisbury, dated November 1948. The envelope also contained numerous old photos.
I have no idea how this envelope made it's way here. I don't want to think that the storm blew it all the way here from Salisbury, but who knows! If you can locate anyone from Mr. Bowen's Family I'd like to see that they get these items, if they want them.
Thank You,
George Kirby
Pasadena, MD.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Wilbur B. Bowen was a teacher at the high school across from city park in 1962, if I recall correctly he taught most all math related subjects. Room was on the top floor of the old building, on the west side at end of hallway.

Anonymous said...

My advice would be to check with Holloway Funeral Home to see if they were the home that was used by the family and if so then they would have the name.

Anonymous said...

This is so cool! It's wonderful that there are people like Mr Kirby who are willing to take the time to attempt to return this find back to Mr Bowen's family.

Anonymous said...

I just did a quick people check online and Wilmer Bowen appears to be related to an Alice Bowen.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you for being so considerate!!!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember if Betsy Bowen, also a teacher, was his daughter?