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Thursday, November 01, 2012

From WCBOE website

Election fever has hit North Salisbury Elementary, which has a long tradition of transforming state and national elections into learning opportunities through mock campaign rallies. This fall, students in all grades and from both the home school and magnet program have been participating in an after-school election club that will culminate Nov. 1 in a mock campaign rally. The rally will take place at 9:15 a.m., outside the school if weather permits. (Note: If schools have a delayed opening on Thursday, the mock election rally will take place at 1 p.m. Thursday.) North Salisbury students are registering to vote this week, and will cast their ballots following the campaign rally.

Students in the election club researched, wrote speeches, and presented their speeches in front of a panel of judges to receive their roles. Roles include: Democratic party: Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter, Mascot, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Vice President and Mrs. Joe Biden, Sasha and Malia Obama, and President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. Republican Campaign: Campaign Manager, Beth Meyers, Mascot, Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Jill and Paul Ryan, Tagg Romney, Governor Mitt Romney and Ann Romney. Several campaigners will represent both parties. Security will be tight, with the Secret Service providing protection.  Martha Raddatz will  be the moderator for the mock campaign.  The 5th Grade chorus will sing a patriotic song. Our host for our event will be Eve Sarbanes. 410-677-5807

According to a parent of a student. Obama and Biden won the election. No word on the actual numbers.


Anonymous said...

"Jill" and Paul Ryan? Her name is Janna.
Besides that little mistake it sounded like a fun learning experience. A great way to teach.

Anonymous said...

The NAACP will be up in arms about this. They told the BOE to stop the politics in schools. Someone is going to pay dearly for disobeying the NAACP.

Anonymous said...

They won't care as long as Obama won.

Anonymous said...

Damn Liberals. Get them out of our school and the teachers who teach our children. BOE should be ashamed of themselves. No child should be subjected to this trash.

Anonymous said...

Yes, learning about the electoral process should be baned. 10:08 you need to do your homework

Anonymous said...

Brainwash. Brainwash. Brainwash. They better leave their crappy politics out of my child's lessons. I want none of those bleeding heart liberals talking to my kids about politics.