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Friday, October 05, 2012


Did you ever wonder why a nation so rich in energy resources, with proven reserves of crude oil and natural gas, would spend trillions of dollars buying petroleum from countries that hate everything we stand for, knowing that every dollar we send to them strengthens them and weakens us and at the same time, turns down a reliable supply of oil from Canada, our best friend in the world?
Why has the education of the children, who are America's future, been put in the hands of a self-serving, politically motivated teacher's union, which, by its own admission, cannot stand up to the testing it would require to certify that their members are even qualified to teach in the first place?
Why is the supply and flow of our currency controlled by one man, who at his whim can strangle the amount of money in circulation or flood the world with cheap dollars at the very real danger of devaluing the dollar and bringing on hyperinflation?

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