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Friday, October 05, 2012


A surveillance camera captured a disturbing and violent school beating at a middle school in Indiana. Now, the teenager and his parents are suing the school district because they say it isn’t doing enough to prevent instances of bullying.
In the video, 13-year-old Austin McDaniel is put into a choke hold and slammed to the ground by a 15-year-old student. The bully then proceeded to punch McDaniel incessantly, delivering dozens of blows until his victim is beaten unconscious.
Students can be seen all around watching the incident, however, no one steps in to help McDaniel — they just watch.


Anonymous said...

You can shatter a persons eye sockett with your elbow properly placed. Bully boy remember your ass the rest of his life, mostly when it rains and is humid outside.

Anonymous said...

Look at how the lockers are arranged. Just waiting for trouble to happen.

Anonymous said...

no child left behind: this is what you get. can't suspend or expel a kid or your school will get lower ratings and less tax dollars. I am told by teachers a terrorist kid gets sent to the office and and the office sends them back to class. We still need people to ride on the back of a trash truck and pick up trash. Everyone can't go to college and be a doctor or lawyer. I think the kid that got beat up should find a good lawyer.

Anonymous said...


What made that boy a monster?

And what will unmake it?

Feel bad for bullied boys and their parents. Hope they get some justice.