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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Maryland Work Zone Crashes At 10 Year Low

Despite a recent list of the nation's worst cities to drive in, Baltimore coming in at number two, there is some other news when it comes to Maryland roads.

According to the Maryland State Highway Administration, work zone related crashes, injuries, and fatalities are at an all time low.



Anonymous said...

Numbers vs. numbers. Due to the economy, road work is at an all time zone crashes would be low. It is still unsafe out there as drivers have no regard for people working in the roadway. Thank God there was speed camera legislation put in place. That should help stop the arrogant drivers from acting so selfish.

Anonymous said...

4:31 Beat me to it. Less road work means less accidents.

Anonymous said...

A lack of work zones everywhere, not just on roads. Housing, retail, every trade is probably experiencing a low in work related injuries since the Depression began in 2007. Five years and failing is NOT a recession, by the way.
Vote Romney in, Osama out.