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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Black Mormon Daughter of Immigrants Talks About 'The America I Know'

In a short but powerful speech to the Republican National Convention Tuesday, Mia Love -- a black, Mormon, Republican mayor from Utah who's running for a seat in Congress -- put in a plug for Mitt Romney, told President Obama the American people "are not buying what you're selling," and explained her family's own shot at the American dream.

"Let me tell you about the America I know," Love said. "My parents immigrated to this country (from Haiti) with ten dollars in their pocket and the hope that the America they heard about really did exist. When tough times came, they didn't look to Washington. They looked within.



Anonymous said...

If things don't "Change" after the election there will be no "Hope" left. Four more years of going backward will break us, and Mr. Obama will have the fundamental change he called for. A country full of people in need of assistance. Or demanding
"Entitlements", how ever you want to put it. Please vote and make him and his kind go away.

Anonymous said...

The sole purpose for he becoming president is to destroy our country and destroy all of us.

Anonymous said...

Mia Love is a breath of fresh air! She comes from a family that has taught her to work for what she wants not to think she was entitled to something for free. We need more Mia's!!!!