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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This Woman Was Charged With One Of Oregon's Biggest Tax Frauds Ever

An Oregon woman is on the hook for what could be one of the largest cases of tax fraud in the state's history, reports Oregon Live's Harry Esteve.

Krystle Marie Reyes, of Salem, Ore. allegedly weaseled more than $2 million from the state by filing a false return using automated TurboTax software, according to a police affadavit.

Reyes, 25, reported $3 million in wages and claimed $2.1 million in refunds, which worked its way through TurboTax's system and was approved by the state. Soon enough, a Visa debit card loaded with the refund was in her hands.

What's bizarre about the situation is how Reyes was caught. She reported another debit card as lost or stolen to the issuer, which apparently saw enough red flags to get the state's revenue service on the case. The affidavit doesn't say how much cash was loaded on the second card or whether it was obtained through a fraudulent tax return as well.



Anonymous said...

HMMM... as has been said before, "don't steal, the government hates competition" the government hates it even more when you steal from them what they stole from someone else.

Anonymous said...

She learned about Turbo Tax from our illustrious Secretary of the Treasury, Little Timmy Geithner.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, #2, Turbotax has a warranty that their calcilationd and your refund is on them if it's wrong. Let's wait and see on this! I do Turbo every year. When I bought this year and brought last year's onfo forward like name, address, etc. the form came up and already had my year's income printed on the form and only needed my deduction info! WOW! Scary how much "they" know! I side with honesty, but will profit from incompetency any day.

Anonymous said...

Why would the state send you all that money on a debit card? I would think anything over $5000.00 is way to much.