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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This Army Colonel And Nine US Lawmakers Want The $10 Billion A Month Spent In Afghanistan Used To Rebuild America

For several months Army. Lt. Colonel Daniel L. Davis has told the country and its leaders that he thinks the war in Afghanistan is a failure on nearly every level, and now, a group of bi-partisan lawmakers in Washington, D.C. are joining him.

Lance Bacon at The Military Times reports nine Washington lawmakers are rallying behind Davis' accusations with a long list of their own complaints.

"Rep. Timothy Johnson, R-Ill., said the troops are fighting a “'war that cannot be won.'” Rep. James McGovern, D-Mass., said “'there is no reason for this war to continue.'”



lmclain said...

He and ALL the other congressmen KNOW full well the reason we are still in Afghanistan (because he, like all the rest of'em, have accepted their "campaign contributions"--- BRIBES). The reason? The health and continued profit margins of the military-industrial complex. Your kids arms and legs? Their eyesight? Their very LIVES?? Nothing --- NOTHING--- but an "acceptable" much cannon fodder. They buy THEIR kids a new Jag. They buy OUR kids a set of boots and an M-16. All together now!!! USA! USA! USA!!

Anonymous said...

Our soldiers can't win any way. Their pansies. Afghanistan has no armor divisions (not even 1 tank), no air force (not 1 plane), no navy (not even a boat). But our "heroes" can't beat them in 13 years!

They suck. Send in the old-timers and they will whip the Afghannies in 2 months (if not sooner).

Young Americans are too lazy to win a war.