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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"I'll Wear It With Pride"

If you ever wanted to send a message to the current and even former administration here in Salisbury, do like this gentleman did and hundreds of others and stop by 300 W. Main Street and get your free tee shirt and bumper sticker.

Get your free tee shirt and show up at a Monday night City Council Meeting and start letting this Mayor know his stay will be short lived as we're taking back our City.

I was thinking about the raises Mayor Ireton is proposing for ONLY his internal Staff in the Mayor's Office AGAIN. Yet no other City Employee will see a raise. I then realized, Mayor Ireton knows he can't beat you and I this go around so he's trying to secure an increase that quite frankly is NOT deserved.

There are plenty of other people who work extremely hard for the City and haven't see a raise in many years. I intend to change all that, with the help and support of the City Council.

I could go on and on but I won't. There's plenty of time ahead to express what we'll do together to improve our little part of the world. In the mean time, I've been backing all of you and taking all the punches for quite a few years. Show your support, come get a bumper sticker and tee shirt and together we'll stop these bullies.


Anonymous said...

Have the guys who pick up the trash, recycling and sweep the streets gottne any raises--because the ones that work on my street are fantastic. Lore Chambers doesn't deserve a raise, those guys who tirelessly bust their humps in every kind of weather picking up our trash deserve if far more.

Anonymous said...

Promise a reduction from that raise if you are elected.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

2:13, amen. The trash and recycling guys are great on my street, too. The little guys need taking care of.