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Monday, May 14, 2012

Disabled Troops Inspire Gary Sinise to Give Back

Actor Gary Sinise has spent decades performing on stage and screen, but he's probably best known for a single role: Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump. In the film, he portrays an Army officer who loses both legs in Vietnam, a character that made Sinise something of a patron saint to real-life amputees. Inspired by their heroism, Sinise co-founded the Lt. Dan Band to entertain U.S. troops and raise money for gravely wounded warriors. David Martin speaks with Sinise about his efforts, and with the veterans and their families whose lives he's changed.

Everybody, myself included, will tell you meeting the wounded from America's wars is a life-changing experience. That's certainly what happened to the actor Gary Sinise. You may know him as Detective Mac Taylor, the character he plays on the CBS series "CSI: NY," or as "Lieutenant Dan," the gung-ho Army officer who loses both legs in Vietnam in the film classic "Forrest Gump."


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Anonymous said...

My son knows him from the benefit concerts he puts on in D.C.(He's a "fed") He says he's a really nice guy. He remembers him year to year. Look for him on any benefit regarding vets. He'll be there, and loving every minute.