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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Government School: Six Year Old Guilty Of Sexual Assault After Playing Tag

In politically correct San Francisco, a six year old boy was charged with sexual assault after playing a game of tag on the playground.

The child was accused of brushing his best friend’s leg or groin while the two were playing on the playground at Lupine Hills Elementary in Hercules two months ago, according to CBS in San Francisco.



mack said...

It will not be long before everyone will be on the sex offenders list and or another type of list SO BEWARE of what you ask for ....everyone feels the useless sex offenders list is doing any good..thank yourselfs for what is to come in next several years.

Anonymous said...


Hell hath no fury like a parent being an advocate for their child. The principle is likely still there, because he is tenured!

Anonymous said...

SanFran lets people walk around the streets naked but they do this.

Anonymous said...

6:26---It would be the same in Wicomico...some of the principals choose to have no discretion and they get away with whatever they choose to do also

Anonymous said...

WTF!!! you cant make this up!!! this is ridiculous!!!!!! but ADULTS at school can do the same thing to our children and there will be an excuse!