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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Recipient Of Our Free TV Giveaway Gives Thanks

Ms. Wolf and Mr. Albero;

Thank you so very much for the TV; this is really very wonderful for us have; now we will be able to watch TV as a family! It is especially wonderful that "the guys" will be able to hang out and have fun before our youngest leaves for boot-camp on 16 February. Due to my illness, and not being able to work, and even with being careful with finances, it is going to be a small Christmas this year. But now with your utmost kindness and generosity, we will have an excellent Christmas. It is nice for me as well, since I am home alone so much, I used to like to leave the TV on to just have some "noise" in the house, and now I can go back to having some background sounds to keep me company.

Thank you so much for the extra effort and work that you went through to make sure that we got this quickly and with no stress. You are most certainly building up some majorly Good Karma! I hope that this makes sense; I was up sick all last-night and am sort of loopy with being tired right now, but blessings to you both-it has been a hard time for me and my sons, and this is such a good thing, proving that there are good people still in this world. I am going to end this before I start rambling, but one day I will pay-back your kindness. Thank you again, and You guys ROCK!

Peace, and a Great Big Old Hug,


Publisher's Notes: There are only a few TV's left to give away this Christmas. Please contact me at alberobutzo@wmconnect or 410-430-5349 if you or someone you know would like to be considered.

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