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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Federal Family???

Did you see what the Obama Socialist have started to do. On the first line in the body of this press release, they are now changing the name of our Federal government to "Federal family"

Irene: Overview of Federal Family’s Preparations and Response 

Friday, September 2, 2011 6:00 pm eastern
Release Date: September 2, 2011
Release Number: HQ-11-176
» More Information on Vermont Tropical Storm Irene
» More Information on New Jersey Hurricane Irene
» More Information on New York Hurricane Irene
» More Information on North Carolina Hurricane Irene
» More Information on Pennsylvania Hurricane Irene
» More Information on Vermont Hurricane Irene
» More Information on District of Columbia Hurricane Irene
» More Information on Delaware Hurricane Irene
» More Information on Puerto Rico Hurricane Irene
» More Information on Maryland Hurricane Irene
» More Information on Rhode Island Hurricane Irene
» More Information on New Jersey Hurricane Irene
» More Information on Connecticut Hurricane Irene
» More Information on New Hampshire Hurricane Irene
» More Information on Virginia Hurricane Irene
» More Information on Massachusetts Hurricane Irene
» More Information on New York Hurricane Irene
» More Information on North Carolina Hurricane Irene
The administration, coordinated through FEMA, is committed to bringing all of the resources of the federal family to bear to support the states and territories that have been affected by Hurricane Irene. FEMA, through our regional offices in Boston, MA, Philadelphia, PA, New York City, NY, Atlanta, GA, and our Caribbean Area Office in Puerto Rico, have been in close contact and coordination with the states and territories that have been affected. Over the past several days, President Obama has declared major disaster declarations for the states of North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Vermont and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and emergency declarations for North Carolina, Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Vermont, making available federal resources to support response efforts. Prior to Irene's making landfall on the East Coast Saturday, FEMA deployed teams and resources along the East Coast from South Carolina to Maine.  In advance of Irene moving through the territories earlier last week, FEMA deployed teams to both Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands to coordinate directly with local officials on the ground.  At the direction of President Obama and DHS Secretary Napolitano, FEMA continues to work with our federal, state, territorial, tribal and local partners, as well as voluntary organizations, the private sector, and others to respond to the aftermath of Irene.  The following timeline provides an overview of these and other federal activities, to date, to support these territories, states, families and communities.



Cory said...

They are a Family ...just like Genovese,Gotti and Lucchesi. Im from philly so i know what the Family acts like ....very similar to the federal government/family

Anonymous said...

They ain't no family of mine!

Anonymous said...

maybe a tribe.

Anonymous said...

And yet, we still vote these idiots back in office year after year, vote the incumbents out!