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Saturday, November 02, 2019

Reporter Found Info Challenging Warren’s Fired-For-Pregnancy Story. He Didn’t Report It.

Last April 10, a reporter who worked for The Wall Street Journal obtained records challenging Senator Elizabeth Warren’s oft-repeated claim that she was fired from her teaching job because she was pregnant.

He didn’t report it.

As National Review (NR) documents, Reid Epstein, who left the Journal to work for The New York Times nine days later on April 19, filed an open-records request with the Riverdale Board of Education for copies of public records regarding Warren’s time teaching at Riverdale during the 1970-1971 school year. NR said he got the school-board minutes on April 10, as shown by documents obtained by NR through the New Jersey Open Records Act.

New York Times vice president of communications Danielle Rhoades, attempting to explain why the Times hadn’t published the information initially, released a statement reading:

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Anonymous said...

Wow, she lied. Oh yeah, she's a communist democrat

Anonymous said...

She took a lot of lessons from Hillary and she's just like her, if her mouth is moving, she's lying.

Anonymous said...

Corrupt, Lying Media on display each day...Search for Truth.

Anonymous said...

They all look better at closing time