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Thursday, November 21, 2019

15,000 #RedforEd Teachers Skip Classes for Indiana Rally

An estimated 15,000 public school teachers skipped classes in Indiana on Tuesday to lobby the state legislature for more pay as part of the “#Red for Ed Action Day.”

“More than half of the school districts in the state closed their doors Tuesday for Red for Ed, with some converting the day into either an e-learning day or an employee workday. And teachers attended from all ends of the state, some leaving as early as 5 a.m. to drive to Indianapolis,” the Indianapolis Star reported

Chanting “Red for Ed” and carrying signs, crowds formed around each side of the building starting early in the morning. Before 10 a.m. the crowd was shoulder to shoulder on the south lawn, waving signs as a band played and union leaders made remarks.

As the Indianapolis Star reported, the Indiana State Teachers Association, which represents the public school teachers participating in the “#RedforEd Action Day” rally, has three key political objectives it wants to accomplish with the state legislature:

1. It wants an investment from the state in teacher pay.

2. It wants lawmakers to make good on a promise to hold schools and teachers harmless from state test scores, which dropped sharply when the state introduced the new ILEARN test in the spring.

3. It wants a new professional development requirement repealed.


[Look carefully at those 3 points. What do they tell you about RedForEd? --Editor]


Anonymous said...

Screw the state and Fed depts of education.NATIONAL SCHOOL VOUCHER PROGRAM problem solved. I see red alright.
Dont indoc...educate

Anonymous said...

Break the teacher's union.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. You mean none of the demands benefit the kids in anyway. What a surprise, i always thought these teachers were there for the childrens benefit and everything was for the children the precious children.

They are prison day care camps they been like that for decades, glad the true intentions of these salary increase demanding teachers is finally coming to light.

TheRealRay said...

Indoctrination... Indoctrination...

Anonymous said...

This is all about empowering the teachers' union leading up to the 2020 elections. They care nothing about students receiving a quality education. It is all about more money for the union. The teachers are the puppets for their union reps.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they shouldn't have had a fat woman holding the "starving" sign!