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Thursday, September 12, 2019

15 Shot, 2 Fatally, Tuesday in Democrat-Controlled Chicago

Fifteen people were shot, two fatally, on Tuesday in Democrat-controlled Chicago.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that the shootings started around 12:45 a.m. Tuesday and resulted in the death of a 27-year-old man.

The day’s second homicide occurred less than an hour later near “the 1600 block of South Loomis Street.” An 18-year-old was killed in that shooting.

One of the 13 non-fatal shooting victims was a 16-year-old boy on a bicycle in Garfield Park. He was shot around 9:40 p.m. Tuesday “when someone pulled up in a gray SUV and unleashed gunfire.”

Breitbart News reported at least 34 were shot, 6 fatally, the weekend of September 6-8, 2019. At least 41 were shot, 7 fatally, during Labor Day weekend in Chicago.



Anonymous said...

I laughed when someone posted "Caucasian kids do all the mass shooting" Really Libtard I guess African American kids just kill other African American kids. That is just Chicago what about all the other cities in America run by Democrats same story. This year after year slaughter of children is disgusting. Where is Elijah Cummings. Where is that dumb bitch Mosley. When a society (Democrats) think it is funny when a model/whatever she is calls the President a P***Y A** Bitch on social media and Ellen Degeneres has her on her talk show the next day to laugh about it. Come on man. Ellen and Thiegen are cut from the same entitled liberal cloth. Twitter shut my account because I call Debra Messing a used up fag hag. I guess the truth was more than she could bare. Double standards by social media is obviously extremely biased. Oh well I never looked to an overpaid entertainer for advice in my entire life. Ellen needs a table spoon of hair ball remedy and a much needed sex change operation.

Anonymous said...

That's what gets me. All these people talk about mass shootings, but it's only one person most of the time and they usually get taken out or arrested. But, you will have all of these shootings and killings by MULTIPLE people with guns and not one word from the Left. Only, let's take the guns away! Law abiding citizens no less. Criminals are just that. Criminals. They don't care about the rule of law. I sincerely hope a lot of people get "woke" and vote these corrupt politicians out. Mostly on the left for me, as well as the RINOs in office. Go Wayne King!

Anonymous said...

Not Chicago’s fault. Surrounding states fault.

Anonymous said...

DON'T CARE?? Like SHITMORE. Let them kill each other. That way their NOT KILLING US!!

Anonymous said...

Northwest Woodsman: As we used to say in police abbreviations, NHI events.

lmclain said...

8:13...I'd say it's some black thug's fault. THEY pulled the trigger.

Typical liberal blame game.
And, typically, as liberals so often do, blame LAW-ABIDING citizens and punish THEM for what the gang members do...

Is their anyone on the left that has even rudimentary reasoning and logic skills?? (as in, lets pass MORE laws that the criminals won't obey??? When ol'Beto says "yes, we WILL take your AK's and your AR 15's, I don't think he has thought that all the way through, either, but it SOUNDS great to people like 8:13)
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

Mmm sure. You’ve been listening to Chicago’s mayor😂😂